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TV Series (2016)


A legendary mercenary with a dark past leads a misfit crew of outlaws on a mission to save the only woman who can topple the evil Templar Empire that threatens to enslave humanity.


STUDIO CITY FILM FESTIVAL / Best New Web Series and Best Original Score.
#vagabondseries #studiocityfilmfestival

film credits:

RK Burger Productions
Stan Rodarte / Executive Producer

American Wings, Iranian Roots

Feature Film (production starts 2017)


A gold medal wrestler, Reza's inspiring life celebrates honor, family and freedom. After he leads bloody battles in the 1979 Iranian Revolution and serves in the Air Force, Reza desires a fate beyond the suffocating suppression of Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran. On the last night of the 1982 Military World Wrestling Championships, he grips his gold medal, knowing American wrestlers wait minutes away to help him defect. He must choose between his own freedom and the possible revenge killing of his thirteen year-old brother locked in Ayatollah Khomeini's prison. 

Based on a true story.


Stan Rodarte / Executive Producer

We are currently looking for cast and crew.
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